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Indian Railways working to increase short-distance train fares to deter unnecessary travel

The ministry of railways explained on Wednesday that it has imposed "slightly higher fares" in short-distance commuter trains after they resumed service following the shutdown to "discourage needless travel." Since the lock-down restrictions were relaxed, the national carrier is now only running special commuter trains. Since March 25, 2020, regular commuter trains have been cancelled. Railway Ministry told that, “As special provisions for Covid-19, the fares of these trains have been fixed at unreserved price of mail/express trains for the same distance”. Regular passengers who are experiencing the sting of fare increases have chastised the Railways, which has now started local train services. A ticket from Amritsar to Pathankot , for example, now costs ₹55, while it used to cost ₹25. Similarly, a passenger DMU ticket between Jalandhar city railway station and Ferozpur now costs ₹60, up from ₹30 previously. Statement from Ministry of Railways said, “Railways would

Indian Railways will introduce a new air-conditioned general second-class coach in the near future

Indian Railways is working on a project that will revolutionise how ordinary people travel by train! A prototype of a new air-conditioned general second class coach will be rolled out by the end of this year. Indian Railways is looking to revamp unreserved second class coaches by making them air-conditioned, after introducing an Economy AC 3-tier train. Several of the other improvements are in the works in the coach to make train travel more convenient for the average person. The Rail Coach Factory (RCF) in Kapurthala will produce the new AC general second class coach. General Manager of RCF, Ravinder Gupta, told that "This project will change the face of rail travel in India for the common man. Air conditioned general second class travel will become comfortable like never before". The new AC general second class coach's layout is being finalised, and RCF hopes to have a prototype ready by the end of the year. Currently, a general second-class coach can seat up to 100 pas

Indian Railways has ordered IRCTC to cancel all mobile catering contracts

The Ministry of Railways has instructed the Indian Railways Catering and Toursim Corporation Ltd (IRCTC) to terminate all existing mobile catering contracts, which include providing cooked food to passengers prepared from base kitchens. Company told "IRCTC was further directed to treat this case as an exception arising out of pandemic situation and not to treat the case as contractor's default and hence not impose any fine for not providing catering services and also return the Security Deposit (SD) and advance license fee in full after considering valid dues". The comment comes as members of the Indian Railways' Mobile Caterers Association (ICRMCA) file a petition in the Madras High Court on January 19, 2021, raising the question of mobile catering. The Madras High Court had ordered the Indian Railways to consider IRMCA's request to resume service, which had been suspended after the lock-down was declared in March 2020. The court ordered that the authorities shou