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7 Romantic Honeymoon Offbeat Destinations

As we all know, as soon as October ends, wedding season comes to its peak. Every new couple look for some interesting sweet destination, where they can spend some alone time with the picturesque scenery. so Etrains is happy to help you to share about some unconventional places, where one can really spend a lifetime memory to their honeymoon.
1. Lakshadweep Island :
If you are planning anytime soon, months from October to February are best suited for your honeymoon in Lakshadweep. Itʼs the time when the vegetation is at its greenest.

Soothingly beautiful and spell-binding, Lakshadweep is the smallest Union Territory of India. 36 constituting islands of Lakshadweep sweep 32 km sq of area under them. The group of island has everything you can ask for an amazing and memorable honeymoon – glittering water, shimmering sand, beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, adventure activities, and warm locales. Know about whatʼs there in the preparation of your once-in-a-lifetime.
What to do in Lakshadweep :
Kerala can be divided in to three natural divisions, the sandy coastal region with coconut groves, paddy fields, back waters and sea. On the other, in the Arabian Sea, roughly 200 km off the west coast of southern India, are the Indiaʼs secret islands, the Lakshadweep. Water sports facilities like swimming, rafting, snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, yachting, catamaran sailing, sports fishing, deep sea fishing and scuba diving are available in the islands.
Agatti is known for being the best Snorkeling spot in Lakshadweep Island:
You may take your soul mate for a tour in the sea on a glass-bottom boat and experience the splendor of the marine life. Or you may walk around hand in hand admiring the amazing lagoons of the Island.
Best time to visit: You can visit Lakshadweep in the months of October to February. However, blessed with tropical climate temperature, which ranges from 25 degrees to 35 degrees the island is pleasant all year around. While Lakshadweep has less islands to explore, they are the epitome of virgin and untouched landscapes. Kavaratti Island is the most developed island in the region. The island also has some attractions that you can visit, aside from the white sandy beaches, like the Kavaratti Lighthouse, Ujire Mosque and Marine Aquarium. Agatti Island also has white sandy beaches but it only has two resorts within its premises. The last island open for foreign nationals is the Bangaram Island. You can explore the white shore beaches of the island along with the brackish lagoon located right in the middle of it. Other islands worth visiting in Lakshadweep are Kadmat, Minicoy and Kalpeni. These islands are even lesser explored than the previous islands so you cannot expect much when it comes to tourist facilities when in here.

2. Aizawl (Mizoram) :
If escaping far away with your loved one happens to be your plan, check out this pristine town located amidst the Lushai Hills just near the Burma Border. Aizawal, the capital city of Mizoram is a basket of beautiful things. Vantawang Falls, Blue Mountain Phawangpui – the highest peak in Mizoram, Hills are just some of the wonders from this basket. Home to magnificent white churches set up on the hills overlooking the city and gorgeous Bamboo forests that one would like to gladly disappear into.

Among one of the oldest cities in the north eastern region of India, with an elevated setting and breathtaking views, Aizawl is a peaceful little town even though it’s the capital of the state. It would be probably one of the most peaceful state capitals in India. Aizawl, pronounced eye-zole, is a perfect place to relax while enjoying the local food and culture. Home to the Mizoram State Museum and few other tourist complexes, tourists have few options to enjoy a sightseeing tour in the city. Apart from these, one can take a tour to the nearby hilly areas of Hmuifang, Tamdil Lake and Chanmari.
3. Jaisalmer :
The golden city (apparently so due to the sandstone used in the buildings)or the city of forts , far west in Rajasthan, bordering the Thar desert is another beautiful place to spend your honeymoon, just under the clear skies and a full moon. Though the city of Jaisalmer and the Fort of Jaisalmer which houses the old city are in a different league altogether, what with its splashes of history and old world charm, but the overnight camping in the sand dunes right in the midst of the desert is a high-point and a beautiful experience , which you will cherish throughout your life.
Camel rides, banjaras, kalbeliyas, the twirling dancers, soulful folk tunes, flickering embers as the night dies … all will remind you of Sridevi as she danced in gay abandon in the movie Lamhe as Anil Kapoor watched her spellbound.

Jaisalmer is never lacking in excitement and adventure either and you can spend a whole day and night in the desert in a camel safari, or a long aimless drive in the smooth highway . You can enjoy a threesome date with history with your beloved roaming in the Old city of Jaisalmer, the Sonar Kella or the Golden fort, the many havelis and many monuments, shopping for antiques and curios.
Best and probably the only season to visit is the winter season, but isn’t the most popular wedding season the winters? So what do you say? Are you willing to lose yourselves in the vast expanse of the magnificent desert.
4. Thanedar Himachal :
Thanedar is at about 80 kms from Shimla on the old Hindustan - Tibet road. Set at an altitude of about 7700 ft / 2350 M, from here unfolds a magnificent panorama of mountains. The farthest of them are cloaked in snow, others are deodar clad or draped in a soft blue haze. In a gorge, some 6,000 feet below and clearly visible to the naked eye, flows the River Sutlej. Thanedar & its surrounds enjoy a special place in Himachal history.

In 1916 Samuel Stokes, a social worker from Philadelphia brought the first apple saplings to this place he had adopted as his home. One can still see the ‘Starking Delicious’ apple orchard that he planted there. Nestled amongst the acres of apple & cherry orchards that drape the mountain slopes in this region, is the Banjara Orchard Retreat - an Eco-friendly getaway that will enchant nature lovers. There are fully furnished rooms, family suites and independent log cabins with attached baths and a well-equipped kitchen to cater to a variety of tastes. Mr. Prakash Thakur, the host, for whom the Orchard Retreat has been a labor of love, is also the resident expert on the history and culture of this little piece of paradise.

The Banjara Orchard Retreat is open throughout the year (unless it snows heavily in Jan/ Feb. Temperatures vary with the seasons). May to September have pleasant days and cold nights while March- April & October- November has pleasant days and night temperature may dip to 2-3 degree centigrade. December- Feb can get very cold with good chance of snow fall early Jan onward.
5. Auli (Uttarakhand):
Dotted with apple orchards, oaks and deodars. Auli is a popular hill resort in the Himalayan range dating back to 8th Century AD.
Auli is a popular skiing destination in India because of its glittering slopes and clean environment. Dotted with apple orchards, oaks and deodars, Auli is a popular hill town with numerous ski resorts situated amidst the Himalayan range. Located at 2800 meters above sea levels, it is home to mountain ranges of Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat and Kamat Kamet. Many religious destinations are also scattered around Auli. It is believed that Shankracharya had blessed Auli with his visit.
Hanuman Temple : It is a small shrine dedicated to the Hindu Monkey God. According to legends, the temple has been constructed on the place where Hanuman took rest while flying all the way from Lanka to Dronagiri Mountain in Himalaya to bring Sanjivani (life-restoring herb) for Lakshman, brother of Lord Ram.
Artificial Lake :

Situated adjacent to Cliff top Club hotel in Auli, it is the highest man-made lake in the world. This artificial lake is developed by the government to create artificial snow on new ski slopes so that tourists can enjoy an extended skiing season.
Nanda Devi Peak : Named after Goddess Nanda (Bliss-Giving Goddess), Nanda Devi Peak is India’s second highest mountain. With an elevation of 7,817 meters, the mountain is indeed a visual treat. Nanda Devi Peak is a part of Garhwal Himalayan Range and is surrounded by Nanda Devi National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Trishul Peak : Located at an elevation of around 23,490 feet above sea level, Trishul Peak is the kind of natural marvel that leaves you enamored and fumbling for your camera. It is one of the most famous spots to enjoy skiing in Auli. There is also a lake named, Roopkund, situated at the base of Trishul Peak. Roopkund Lake is known for its mysterious background as around 600 skeletal remains of humans and horses were discovered here.
6. Alappuzha (Kerela) :
Referred to as the Venice of the East, Alappuzha has always enjoyed an important place in the maritime history of Kerala. Today, it is famous for its boat races, backwater holidays, beaches, marine products and coir industry. Alappuzha Beach is a popular picnic spot. The pier, which extends out to the sea here, is over 137 years old. Entertainment facilities at the Vijaya Beach Park add to the attraction of the beach. There is also an old lighthouse nearby which greatly intrigues all visitors.
Another delightful experience while in Alappuzha is the houseboat cruise. The houseboats you find in the backwaters of Alappuzha are in fact a reworked version of the Kettuvallams of olden times. Kettuvallam is a Malayalam word, ‘Kettuʼ, refers to dwelling structures and ‘Vallomʼ means boat. In the olden days, kettuvallam or boat with thatched roof that covers over wooden hulls was used to carry tons of rice and spices. Of late, houseboats come equipped with all the comforts of a good hotel room including furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, cozy living rooms, a kitchen and even a balcony for angling. An uninterrupted view of life in the backwaters can be enjoyed while staying in a houseboat.

Houseboats are available at Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kottayam, Allappuzha, Ernakulam, Thrissur and Kasaragod.
Alleppey Beach is one of the must visit beaches of Kerala. The intrinsic natural beauty of Alleppey Beach is what makes it so attractive to thousands of people visiting it. When you visit the beach,  you can see the 137 year old ancient pier that stretches out into the beach. As you lounge in the beach, you can enjoy the mesmerising beauty of the dense palm groves and the imposing, but ancient lighthouse. Alleppey Beach is a place where you can unwind yourself, completely.
Vembanad Lake :

Vembanad Lake has a couple of accolades to its name.  It is the largest lake in Kerala and also the longest. Many small lakes flow into the Vembanad Kayal making it long and ever-flowing. The lake is also well-known for its long saga of boat races, held during the Onam festival. The Vembanad Lake is the perfect vacation spot where you can dine on lots of freshly caught fish, indulge in a couple of fishing induced evenings yourself and just gaze into yonder.
7. Dharamkot Himachal :

This little Yoga village is ideal for a few daysʼ time off from the real world. Or even months.. if youʼre lucky enough to take time off work for that long. Dharamkot is the perfect base for multiple hikes in the Himalayas such as Triund, Illaqua, Indrahar Pass, etc. It is just an overnight bus ride away from the famous backpackersʼ hot spot – Kasol. My first visit to this village was back in 2008 and I kept going back for more.
If youʼre looking for a relaxed vacation that doesn’t involve hiking or walking around, then Dharamkot is NOT the place for you. This village doesn’t have any roads, except for a single road that leads to it and pretty much ends where thereʼs a very famous cafe called “Trek and Dine”.

The best thing about Dharamkot is the vibe. Let me try to describe the vibe here if I can. The vibe is a mix of some of magic, pure spiritual energy of the Himalayas, happiness of the simple folks that live there, peace & serenity and a feeling on oneness with the nature. The sounds of mountain birds, the whistling of air through deodar tree leaves, the distant smells of farm animals mixed with herb-based cooking will awaken all your senses. This is a good spot for early morning yoga and meditation – if youʼre in that sort of stuff.

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